Ahh, the crisp breeze and cool temperatures of fall!

Fall is upon us! Here’s a few things you should do before things get too cold:

Tony, on a roof. Roof looks good!

1. Check your roof. Get up there and make sure there are no loose shingles or damages.

2. Clean your gutters. Sure, they’re not overflowing with the fallen leaves just yet, but the cleaner they are now, the easier it will be to clear the leaves out later!

3. Check your HVAC and replace filters as needed. You don’t want to wait to NEED the heat to test it out and make sure it’s all working properly.

4. Batteries. Replace your smoke detector and CO detector batteries. Some people do this during the time change, and that’s great!

5. Double check your window and door seals. Poorly-sealed windows and doors can lead to high energy bills and a drafty house. Brr!

6. Trim away dead branches and trees. You want to remove those now, before they have the chance to break off on their own and potentially cause other damages.

If you need help with any of that, or if you’re thinking about giving a room or two a makeover, please give us a call!



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