We have 25+ projects we need crews/trades for if you’re available NOW or very soon. And with our expansion, we’re looking for folks who can join us for repeat continual work long term, not just one time jobs. We only buy quality homes in good areas so don’t worry….we won’t have you working in the ghetto getting your tools stolen like some companies.

Many 1-2 day jobs here, and many 10-15-20-25 day rehabs. If you’re available, offer fair pricing, high quality, and can get work done quickly… then send me a reply.

We are licensed GCs and we’re only looking for QUALITY people who will show up on time, do great work, have a great work ethic, morals, intelligence, etc. We pay FAIR prices, and we pay FAST, but we are GCs and Investors so this is not retail priced work like doing a kitchen job for a homeowner.

We pay for ALL larger material orders but for small stuff, you’ll need to be able to buy it and keep a receipt for weekly reimbursement. For small 1-2-3 day jobs, you’ll need to be able to buy stuff as we’re not phoning in a $380 order to Lowes for something you’re going to get paid on so quickly LOL. All projects are sent out with line item pricing so you’re never guessing when/what/how something pays.

Our best crews have been with us 5-6-8+ years now and we always have consistent work available, 20+ projects per month every single month. They are just overwhelmed with our expansion and growth or we’d never be hiring.